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Industry-Leading Vision Solutions for Automotive Assembly

With over a decade of experience in the design of in-process dimensional measurement and robot guidance systems for auto body fabrication and assembly, VRSI is your ideal partner for flexible, intelligent automation systems at every step of production. 

Glass Decking Vision Solutions

As an automotive integrator VRSI has been at the front of glass decking application development from hardware design to vision software development.  We are certified for Inos systems and have had the opportunity to configure them for several different vehicle production lines.  

Automated Process Consulting


VRSI specializes in designing and integrating quality control systems to analyze and refine automated processes.  Using our in-depth knowledge and experience over a broad spectrum of applications we can work with you to improve your process to meet required specifications at a reasonable cost.

Datum and Feature Recognition


Our automotive manufacturing vision solutions can assist with datum and feature recognition to provide useful information for improving process quality.  This includes locating datums and features for assembly operations as well as GD&T analysis. 

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