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VRSI is capable of providing a solution to your aerospace application, even those with high tolerance and complex processes. 

Pushing the envelope of aerospace assembly

Custom Automation Systems


VRSI offers comprehensive robot guidance vision integration for a wide variety of industrial applications. VRSI has integrated robot guidance systems from the world leaders in industrial robot guidance on some of the most challenging applications.

Feature Inspection

VRSI develops new systems for feature inspection processes such as countersinks, step/gap, bore/grip, tooling balls, and fasteners. As an independent integrator we are able to work with many different products and metrology solutions in the market today. This gives us the ability to design custom inspection systems that provide an accurate and precise metric to process control.




VRSI has experience in developing integrated projectionworks systems to assist operators during part manufacture and post inspection.  This can be useful for digital workflow solutions such as surface and feature projection, step-by-step process instructions, part location, and paint over large body projections.

Research and Development


VRSI is focused on research and development to push the boundaries of current metrology technologies.  We have had the opportunity to be involved in a multitude of airforce research grants that have helped in the development of new metrology solutions and manufacturing systems.  Check out our Research and Development page for more information on past and current SBIR projects.

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