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VRSI offers fully-integrated custom machine vision solutions. Combining a wide variety of industry-standard components with decades of vision integration experience, VRSI offers flexible and robust solutions to meet its customers' price and performance requirements. VRSI has in-house controls, robot programming, and software design expertise to help you solve the most challenging vision applications.


Some of VRSI's installed applications include:


  • Laser tube cutting

  • Windshield primer inspection

  • Windshield urethane inspection

  • Automotive badging identification

  • Line tracking and part identification

  • Body primer inspection

VRSI specializes in laser tracker inspection services for aerospace, automotive, and general industrial customers. VRSI offers professional service and support at competitive rates. VRSI's operators are skilled users of Verisurf, Insight, and SpatialAnalyzer. Laser trackers can also be rented on a daily/weekly/monthly basis.


VRSI's inspection solutions Include:


  • Machine tool and process equipment alignments

  • Machine calibration, diagnosis, and wear trending

  • Geometric analysis and GD&T

  • Tool and vision repeatability studies

  • Part dimensional inspection and scanning

  • Reverse engineering

  • Tooling layout, assembly, and process diagnosis

  • Composite bond tool balancing

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